Frequently Asked Questions

You can submit a case to us through emailing a DICOM Zip File folder along with relevant clinical Data and Imaging Objectives in the Email. Alternatively, you can upload the scan Zip file though V transfer. Our team will provide you a secure Email id for uploading and downloading your cases and reports.

Yes, we provide reports of scans done on any standard available CBCT scanners in Market, provided the scan protocols are strictly followed by your CBCT technician and the image quality is fairly good with no significant movement artefacts

The more clinical information and imaging objectives you provide with the case, the better it is for our OMRD specialists to understand the case and provide best accurate reports. Providing detailed information such as clinical issue(s), clinical observations, patient history, and anticipated treatment such as proposed location of dental implants is much appreciated.

Yes, you can upload multiple files for each case. Previous pathology reports, any previous CBCT reports and clinical photos, if available, are always helpful.

If you have prior CBCT scans that have not been reported by ConeBeamers, you can submit those, as well. However, an additional fee will apply when we review the current scan and prior scan(s) if we have not previously reviewed any imaging on the patient. Make sure to submit the current case with a comment of Comparative CBCT Report Required when creating the case. Our OMRD specialists will then perform a complete evaluation of all scans and provide their findings in a single radiology report.

If we have already reported prior imaging of the patient, then there will be no additional fee involved. Simply mention that a Comparative Report is required of the patient whose previous scan was also reported by ConeBeamers.

There is no limit to the number of scans to be uploaded to ConeBeamers portal in a day. Our specialized team of OMRD and technologists will make sure to provide the reports with lowest possible TAT of less than 24 hours.

Yes, our HIPAA compliant highly secure servers will maintain a lifetime backup of all your cases. We ensure to make a backup by creating a secure folder in your institution’s / Image centre’s name.

Yes, our OMRD specialists make sure to provide maximum imaging templates along with specialized Implant planning templates (if required) along with each report.

Yes, our team of OMRD specialists are highly qualified in CBCT reporting with more than a decade of providing high quality CBCT reports. All our doctors are post graduates (BDS, Masters in Oral and Maxillo-facial Radiology – MDS) from highly reputed Premier Post graduate Dental Hospitals in India. Many of our OMRD specialists are Renowned both Nationally and Internationally for their work, Case reports, and presentations.